Gail Fields



"The glorious flower paintings of Gail Fields - so full of color - always delight me." - Anne Packard

In these uncertain times, nothing gives me more joy than to look down at my palette, alive with colors telling me - inviting me - challenging me.  Patiently waiting for me to "say something".

My palette awaits me - colors full of energy.  My canvas sometimes primed with color, sometimes pure white.  My paint brush or palette knife in hand.  I start my journey.

Childhood memories and impressions from the past continue to inspire me:  my keen interest in colors that I experienced in my family's flower gardens, walks through fields of wild flowers, and even the elderly lady (I even remember her name, Mrs. Lovett) who presented me with colorful bouquets on my birthdays.

I invite you, my viewers, to smell these blossoms, to feel the breeze and sun that caress the petals, to hear the pollinating bees not seen in my gardens, and to, of course, see the energy of color that interplays among the paint and the canvas surface.

My Fields of Flowers, my Bouquets, my Sunflowers celebrating life and my series of "Paths" are invitations to the viewer to join me in my journey.  If I can bring the viewer into the painting and share a romp through a field of wild flowers or a walk down a shady lane, I have recreated the spirit of my childhood that I remember, imagine and frequent today.  These memories have become my paintings.

- Gail Fields

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