Carole Ann Danner

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Carole Ann Danner was chosen by Massachusetts College of Art and the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown for the first Masters in Fine Arts graduate degree on Cape Cod. This one-of-a-kind collaboration between these two institutions offers a new, low residency graduate program, admitting only 10 students a year. Her MFA thesis show was shown at the PAAM in September, 2007. Artscope’s Fall, 2007 review of Favorite Art Shows highlighted the MFA Thesis Show, and art critic, Rena Lindstrom, wrote about the dramatic presence of Carole Ann Danner’s figures.

Prior to that, she was majoring in painting and art history at Florida Atlantic University from the mid-90’s to moving unexpectedly to Cape Cod to help with family caretaking. While studying in Florida, she traveled to Salamanca, Spain, and studied for five weeks with University of North Florida college professor and artist, Louise Freshman Brown.

She is a long-time professional student, taking classes at the Cape Cod Community College with professors Sara Ringler and Heather Blume, and many courses and workshops in Provincetown, most notably under Bob Henry, her MFA mentor, and Jim Peters. In December, 2006, her jazz painting was featured on the cover of Brilliant Corners, a jazz-related art and literature magazine.

She was recently selected for a Self-Portrait show with 50 established artists curated by the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod at the Cotuit Center of the Arts. She will show with her MFA group at the Massachusetts College of Art’s Doran Gallery in June, 2008 curated by Helen Miranda Wilson, and at the Arsenal Center for the Arts Gallery in the Fall of 2008, in an MFA group show curated by Joel Janowitz.

Carole Ann says about her work, “As a figurative humanist, my work is concerned with human nature and human affairs. I see the figure as a vehicle to express emotions. Expression takes precedence over composition, in my desire to communicate mood and empathy and to engage the viewer in a profound experience. Compositional elements for me are just a tool to enhance the impact of the expression.”

The following was written about Carole Ann, a featured artist in Cape Cod Life Arts Edition, Spring/Summer 2006. One particular artistic challenge for Danner is determining when a piece of work is finished. "Sometimes if you don't work a piece to death, if you leave it under-finished, it works; it has spontaneity. I want to try to make compelling paintings, ones that are clear in their intention." Most of all, Danner loves the line-the ways that line and color interact. "I want to show the viewer unexpected surprises with varieties of line and color."

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